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The Ready Player Infrastructure team is responsible for overseeing the fundraising and portfolio management for the fund, including the selection, acquisition, and structuring of deals for specialized digital infrastructure projects in overlooked markets.

Investors have been adding infrastructure exposure to their portfolios for a number of reasons, such as intrinsic value, unique return drivers, low correlations to other asset classes, low volatility, and absolute returns and inflation protection. However, with the changing environment, investors need to be more proactive about asset management and understand the value drivers and trends of key asset classes.

Digital Inclusion

ESG is an important topic within infrastructure. Many infrastructure assets have a large environmental footprint, Ready Player's team aims to invest in sustainable and responsible infrastructure projects that benefit remote and off-the-grid communities while also reducing environmental impact.


Adopting net-zero targets for infrastructure development is critical for mitigating the negative impacts of climate change and for ensuring the long-term resilience and viability of infrastructure assets.

Ready Player Infrastructure has partnered with Ready Player Exchange, Ready Player Ventures and Ready Player Institute. Start investing today, click HERE to book an introductory meeting and flow through the streamlined onboarding process.

What we do.

Our investment strategy is focused on value-add and opportunistic assets in remote/off-the-grid communities throughout the Americas and Caribbean. This involves identifying and investing in tangible assets, such as digital infrastructure projects, renewable energy projects, and other physical assets that can provide internet connectivity, computation, data access, energy and other essential services to remote, rural, and informal urban settlements where access to traditional grid-based infrastructure is limited.

Site selection and acquisition

The team has a deep understanding of the real estate market, identify and source potential investment opportunities, and conduct due diligence on each potential site to ensure it meets the Fund's investment criteria.

Deal structuring and negotiation

Once a site has been identified and due diligence completed, the team works closely with the seller to structure the acquisition, negotiate the terms of the deal and ensure all legal and regulatory requirements are met.

Development and construction

After the acquisition, the team oversees the development, construction and completion of the facilities, renewable energy parks and set up digital services, ensuring that the projects are completed on-time and within budget.

Property management

The team manages the property, including overseeing the day-to-day operations, budgeting and forecasting, and working with tenants to ensure their needs are met.

Asset management and reporting

The team actively manages the Fund's portfolio, prepare and submit regular reports to the Fund's investors, and work closely with the tenants to ensure their needs are met and to maximize the value of the assets over the long-term.


The team raises the capital required to acquire and develop the properties, that could include issuing bonds, taking out loans, or bringing in additional investors. The team is also responsible for structuring these financing deals and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

Exit strategy

The team has a clear exit strategy in place for each investment, which includes planning for the potential sale or refinance of the properties, and preparing for other potential exit events such as merger or acquisition.

Compliance and reporting

The Ready Player team also manages the compliance and reporting aspects of the fund, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, and providing regular reporting to the investors and other stakeholders.

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The team is committed to responsible investing and adhering to ESG, Net-Zero guidelines and ILPA standards, and has plans in place to manage and mitigate risks through business strategy, internal controls, financial management, market insights, and legal compliance. If you are an impact investor, let's connect. Click HERE to book a meeting today and flow through the streamlined onboarding process.

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